Justified’s Graham Yost To Adapt Boom!’s Talent For Fox

by Erik Amaya


The newly dubbed Fox Entertainment has its first foray into comic book territory.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Justified executive producer Graham Yost will adapt the Boom! Studios comic book Talent for the Fox network. The comic, written by Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski with art from Paul Azaceta, focuses on the sole survivor of a plane crash which claimed the lives of 148 people. Soon he discovers he has some of the memories and talents of the people who died. The survivor sets out to bring closure to the victims’ lives while trying to solve the mystery surrounding the crash. In the television version, the survivor will be played by a woman.
And if that doesn’t sound like a weekly series on Fox, nothing does.
“I am very excited to be adapting this wonderful graphic novel,” said Yost. “I think this could be a thrilling, emotional and, if I don’t blow it, thought-provoking show.”
While the project sounds like a number of short-lived Fox series aired across the decades, Yost’s participation suggests a higher standard. The FX series Justified joins The Shield as one of the best series on the Fox cable channel.
Fox Entertainment is the new name for the entity previously known as “New Fox” — the 21st Century Fox which will exist following the closure of its deal with Disney to hand over the 20th Century Fox film and television assets.  The broadcast network, which will still be known as Fox, is one of the assets Fox Entertainment retained as part of the deal.

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