A Sasquatch Second Trailer For Missing Link

by Tito W. James

Missing Link is about a Sasquatch journeying to Shangri-La to reunite with his Yeti brethren. Accompanying Mr. Link (Zack Galifanakis) are adventurers Sir Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman) and Adelina Fortnight (Zoe Saldana). Together they will thwart perils and dastardly villains in their epic journey across the world.

From the number of sets, this looks to be Laika’s biggest film in terms of production. The number of characters and environments is impressive and spectacular to behold. Unfortunately, none of the jokes really land and this film appears to be focusing more on comedy rather than adventure.

Ironically, I’m predicting that this will be the best received Laika film amongst families. It’s enormously expensive to produce worlds with this level of detail; therefore, it makes sense to try to appeal to a mass audience. However, I’m honestly disappointed to see a film from the studio that delivered Coraline and Kubo that looks about as serious as the Minions movies.

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