Batman #64 Thrusts The Dark Knight And The Flash Together

by Tony Thornley

Heroes In Crisis thus far had actually made little impact on the larger DC Universe, but now that the mystery is in full swing, the effects are making it hard on the DCU’s heroes. In Batman #64, it hits two of the characters closest to the story, kicking off a month-long crossover between the two series.

Cover by Chris Burnham & Nathan Fairbairn

Joshua Williamson, Guillem March, Tomeu Morey, and Steve Wands kick off the crossover.

[**Spoilers ahead!]

As the Justice League shuts down a group of Amazos, Batman is preoccupied with the events in the Sanctuary as well as several other cases. This leads him to the Flash Museum, where he stops a deadly attack, but is unable to catch the culprit. However, he reveals to the Flash that he knows who the attacker is–an unraveling Gotham Girl.

Williamson shows why he’s one of DC’s strongest writers in this issue. He’s able to juggle the differences of his leads- showing how driven Batman is and Flash’s humanist bent. He also crafts the story based on the events around them, making it personal for Bruce, and using Barry’s presence to ground the investigation.

March’s work is a bit of a mixed bag. He does exaggerated superhero action beautifully, with the opening action scene really jumping off the page. In the quieter scenes though he struggles to dial it back, with some of moments landing, while others distracting with the over exaggerated figures. Morey’s colors though are able to balance the story out, pulling back from the more bold colors in those quieter scenes.

With the return of one of the most interesting characters in the DC Rebirth era, and facing the consequences of Heroes In Crisis, this crossover is off to an interesting start.

Batman #64 is available now from DC Comics.

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