Beyond The Grid Continues In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #36 First Look

by James Ferguson

A group of Power Rangers from teams across time and space find themselves beyond the farthest reaches of the known galaxy. It’s here within a dying universe they find a new Power Ranger that might be the key to keeping them alive and helping them find a way home. Ellarien, the Solar Ranger, has joined the group, helping to reconnect this universe to the Morphin Grid before the evil Praetor can destroy it.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #36 continues the Beyond the Grid storyline from writer Marguerite Bennett, artist Simone di Meo, and colorist Walter Baiamonte. It’s been a pretty wild ride so far and I’m excited to see where it goes next. Publisher Boom! Studios has shared an early preview of the issue as we dig deeper into the mystery of the Solar Ranger.
Dafna Pleban, Senior Editor, Boom! Studios says:

The Power Rangers are risking their lives in this new, unknown universe, all while running out of the very power that allows them to morph and fight for their survival. But being a Ranger has always been about more than just powers, weapons, and a suit. Even in the midst of dwindling resources and enemy attacks on every side, the Rangers show us at every turn and with every decision why they were chosen to wield the power of the Grid.

Mighty Morphin Power Rnagers #36 will feature a main cover by Jamal Campbell and variant covers by Phil Murphy and Linda Lithen. It’s set for release on February 27th, 2019.

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