BioWare Shows Us The ‘Endgame’ In Their ‘This is Anthem’ Series

by Sage Ashford

After two chances to test out their upcoming title, Electronic Arts and BioWare have decided to go beyond the beginner-level gameplay we’ve been allowed to play so far with their next entry in their “This is Anthem” gameplay series, focusing on the title’s post-game.  The trailer goes into more detail on the game’s story, which seems to be about building up to stopping one of the world’s “Cataclysms” known as the Heart of Rage, something the player fails at during the beginning of the campaign.

After overcoming that story, players (or Freelancers, as they’re called in game) will continue to level up until reaching the game’s cap of 30, then continue to customize their Javelins with superior weapons and armor. The trailer goes into detail on the aesthetic customization available, before moving on to showing the social hub and some of the other activities players will dive into after the main story.  These activities include challenges, contracts, and strongholds.  Contracts appear to be more detailed side quests, involving solving problems for other characters in the game’s world, while strongholds are high-level challenges where players will team up to take on larger areas and deadlier enemies. All of it will culminate in the introduction of more Cataclysms, the game’s version of Raids, which seem to be extensive content that drastically changes the game world and force players to adapt to them if they want to win.

In addition to this, BioWare’s also shown the post-launch roadmap on Twitter, with the first “Act” following the main title beginning in March.

Anthem is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on February 22nd.

Sage Ashford

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