Peter Dinklage To Star In Last Sons Of America Film Adaptation

by Erik Amaya


Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Matthew Dow Smith’s Boom! Studios comic book Last Sons of America is about to become a Netflix feature film with Peter Dinklage set to star.
Deadline reports the Game of Thrones actor will play Julian, an adoption agent who, along with his his brother Jackie, arranges for families in countries like Columbia to offer up their children to people in the U.S. who can no longer conceive due to some mysterious condition infecting the populous. But when Jackie makes a critical error, it puts the two of them onto a trail to discovering the real reason the U.S. became infertile.
Josh Mond will direct the film, which will be produced by The Batman‘s Matt Reeves, Dinklage, Adam Kassan, David Ginsberg and Boom!’s Ross Richie and Stephen Christy.
The film will make its way to Netflix in the not-too-distant future.

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