Wasted Space #6 Takes Science Fiction To New Heights

by James Ferguson

Wasted Space takes its first steps as an ongoing series and continues to expand its ever-growing mythos. Billy is searching for the Creator so he can put him in the ground. His life has been nothing but problems since the Creator started speaking to him. This takes him across the galaxy to the planet Elysium. Molly, Dust, and Fury are along for the ride. This makes for some uncomfortable, yet humorous sequences when the two robots can’t keep their mechanical hands off each other, regardless of who’s around or where they are.

You have to admire the size and scope of Wasted Space. Writer Michael Moreci has laid out an impressive landscape full of alien worlds, foreign technology, and interesting takes on religion. This last point becomes a major factor in this issue as we dig deeper into the Creator and Legion, two opposing forces pulling the strings of all living beings.
The Creator and Legion are connected. The two have an intense and spiritual debate in a white abyss. This kind of discussion could get boring fast, but these scenes are nothing of the sort. Instead, they serve to reframe what we know about these two entities, providing more context as to what they are and what their mission is. It’s a lot to take in but it is so worth it. It’s like God and the Devil making a bet on humanity.

Letterer Jim Campbell aids in the epic nature of this conversation between two deities. You get the sense that their voices are booming at one another with the fonts and word balloons used. It’s a good thing they’re in a barren landscape as their words could probably obliterate anything nearby.
Billy is caught in the middle of this. He’s found a purpose for his life again. This is a way for him to atone for his many sins, even if that means more bloodshed. There’s a renewed vigor within him. You can notice a difference between how he is now and in some of the earlier issues. Artist Hayden Sherman makes Billy appear more confident and a little cocky.

It’s easy to compare Billy to Han Solo and some other elements of Wasted Space to Star Wars. Knowing Moreci’s love for the franchise from a galaxy far, far away, it’s no surprise to see some influences or homages within. This is not just his take on those themes. It rises above that, creating something new and intriguing.
Sherman’s artwork creates this dingy version of the future, where we reached for the stars and fell short. It plays up to the title in the best way. His style is perfect for this story. It’s like every image needs a shave.

Colorist Jason Wordie adds to this gruff nature as well. Billy’s ship looks dark and a little grimy, like it needs a good detailing. This contrasts well with the beautiful paradise on Elysium, full of bright sunlight. Billy is used to the darkness since it’s followed him for so long.
If this is a taste of what a Wasted Space ongoing series has in store, I hope it runs forever. This is a bold new take on tropes of the genre. It’s so much more than just aliens and starships. This is next level science fiction.
Wasted Space #6 from Vault Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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