Gobelins Sophomore Animated Shorts Of 2019

by Tito W. James

Gobelins Animation School continues to deliver top notch animated shorts. After covering the graduation films of 2018, I wanted to showcase the sophomore short projects for the new year.

Summer depicts an idealized beach populated by people baking in the sun.
Directed by: Gabrielle Selnet, Adam Sillard, Rodrigo Sousa, Nicolas Verdier

The Ashes follows a traumatized woman who lost her family in a fire.
Directed by: Martin Robic, Claire Sun, Pauline Mauviere, Camille Bozec

Forbidden Fruit explores a same-sex romance in a disapproving culture.
Directed by: Marion Boisrond, Marie-Liesse Coumau, Chloé Maingé, Mila Monaghan, Alexandra Petit

01:08 plays like a surreal nightmare. I’m still not sure what to make of it.
Directed by: Antoine Carré, Ada Hernaez, Lise Légier, Quentin Rigaux, Adel Sabi

Midnight Bath illuminates an otherworldly encounter that’s sure to shock the viewer.
Directed by: Tamerlan Bekmurzayev, Chloe Farr, Gwendoline Legendre, Pauline Guitton

Embers renders a vision of hell that is humanity’s own creation.
Directed by: Eduardo Adsuara, Laurine Baille, Constance Bertoux, Magali Dunyach, Gerard Gabriel Gerard, Julien Rozo-Rangel

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