Learn From The Masters – Meet Four Inspiring Contemporary Artists

by Tito W. James

Whether it’s sculpture, games or illustration, every artist has their journey. Here are the stories of four contemporary artists that are sure to inspire and inform the next generation.

Illustrator Victo Ngai gives viewers a tour of her studio and her sources of inspiration. YouTube Channel Like Knows Like explores Ngai’s life and how it impacts her art.

Director Travis Lee Ratcliff creates a portrait of the Irish sculptor, Dony MacManus, who has rejected much of contemporary art in favor of a return to the ideals of the Renaissance.

Kim Jung Gi is an illustrator famous for drawing immensely detailed pieces directly from his imagination. YouTube Channel Proko produced an in-depth interview with the artist to discover what makes him so good at drawing.

Yoko Taro is an eccentric video game designer who wears a mask from his Nier series. Youtube Channel Toco Toco shows us a typical day for this larger than life character.

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