Marvel Action Avengers #2 Is Superhero Fun For Everyone

by Tony Thornley

The Marvel Universe is a complex engine with years of continuity. One of the biggest challenges to an all-ages story set in that universe is writing a satisfying story that is both complex enough to be satisfying, but simple enough to be understood. Marvel Action Avengers #2 shows how that’s possible.

Matthew Manning, Jon Sommariva, Protobunker, and Christa Miesner continue the story of the Avengers versus AIM in this issue.

In an undisclosed AIM base, the scientists test the hijacked Tony Stark, while the brainwashed hero has flashbacks to his real life. Meanwhile, the Avengers chase several leads to find their teammate and stop AIM. It culminates in a confrontation with AIM’s ultimate weapons- Fin Fang Foom and the brainwashed Iron Man!

Manning is able to balance elements for both adults and kids, that make this is solid all-ages story. For the adults, they fill the story full of nods to continuity, both in character relationships and to the vast history of the Marvel Universe. For kids, he crafts a fun, breezy action story, full of favorite characters and action set pieces. It’s not ground breaking, but it’s a great all-ages read.

Sommariva’s art is a lot more solid this issue than last. His figure work is engaging, and doesn’t fall into a few of the weird faults with anatomy and perspective last issue had. It’s cartoony enough to engage young readers but doesn’t push it so far that adults will disengage or dismiss it.

This is a story that I’m happy to share with my two boys, and I think any comic fan with a family would enjoy it.

Marvel Action Avengers #2 is available now from IDW Publishing.

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