Old Demons Return In Tony Stark Iron Man #8

by Tony Thornley

If there’s one thing that’s haunted Tony Stark, it’s a particular chapter from his long and storied history, and the substance at the heart of it. It’s a story idea that’s been revisited many times since that story was published. As you can tell from the cover of Tony Stark Iron Man #8, that demon rears its ugly head once again.

Cover by Alexander Lozano

Dan Slott, Valero Schitti, Edgar Delgado, and Joe Caramagna continue the worst day in Tony Stark’s life. It’s a chapter that could have long-running effects on Tony’s life.

The eScape is still running wild across the globe. Stark, Wasp and Rhodey are trying desperately to shut the Controller down, while the Stark Unlimited team tries to cut off the villain’s access. However, there might be one terrible flaw that Tony hasn’t accounted for…

Slott is able to balance the superhero action and personal drama of this story incredibly well. On the surface, it seems like Tony the hero is fully on display, self-sacrificing and noble. Yet Slott takes advantage of his hero’s most enduring flaws to cause his downfall- his ego and his addictions. It’s a great moment, which lands so perfectly because of what we’ve seen in this arc.

Schitti and Delgado are still doing great work as a team. Schitti’s figure work and layouts are inventive, and he knows how to use his tools to set the mood that’s put into the script. Delgado then adds a finish with his colors that pushes the story forward. It’s great work that I enjoy every issue.

Each issue is an enjoyable action story, and they keep getting better.

Tony Stark Iron Man #8 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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