The Balance Shifts As The Gifted Reaches Its Penultimate Episode

by Erik Amaya

With only two episodes remaining in The Gifted‘s second season, things have changed dramatically. The Morlocks have lost their home, two of the Mutant Underground members we met in Season 1 are dead and the Von Strucker legacy appears to be taking hold. But as seen in this short teaser for the season’s penultimate episode, the balance will shift even further as Lorna (Emma Dumont) reveals what she knows about the Inner Circle to Andy (Percy Hynes White) and Reeva (Grace Byers) announces her ultimate plan for Mutant liberation. Will the main cast reunite in time to stop her?

But the moment at the top of the tease indicates further fallout from one of the saddest moments in the show’s history: the death of Blink (Jamie Chung). It was bound to happen with her constant declarations that the Morlock city felt like home. And as John (Blair Redford) only has tragedy to count on, this is pretty consistent; even if it is knocking on a refrigerator door. Of course, there is always the possibility the show will follow the old “no body, no death” rule from X-Men comics, but it would undercut Blink’s clear sacrifice in saving the Morlocks.
Of course, the show stands on a precipice in real life as well with its future in doubt thanks to the Fox/Disney merger and the Fox broadcast network’s changing priorities. It is possible the series planned for a more permanent ending and killing Blink — and Sage (Hayley Lovitt), for that matter — suggests the show may even allow for a dark conclusion.
The Gifted airs Tuesdays on Fox.

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