The Freeze #3 Explores The Philosophical Shockwaves Of The Apocalypse

by Tony Thornley

I’ve been really impressed with The Freezes ability to keep the apocalypse on a smaller scale. By using that, it’s been able to explore aspects of post-apocalyptic fiction that seldom get talked about. We continue to get that in The Freeze #3.

Dan Wickline, Phillip Sevy, and Troy Peteri continue to explore the problems of this new world, both given the cliffhanger of last issue and new revelations.

Ray and his new community confront the potential serial killer in their midst head on by warning the community about it. While the community fears there’s more to it than they think, two people step up to discover how wide-reaching the killer is. Meanwhile Ray is confronted with the fact that some of the revived think that he’s some sort of religious figure.

Wickline’s script explores two very interesting plot points here- one common to all post apocalyptic stories, and one unique to the world he and Sevy have created. The exploration of religion at the end of the world is something that some stories like this have explored, but Wickline takes it to its logical extension with Ray being revered as a messianic figure. It creates a great conflict for him internally, with his friends and loved ones consoling him, and understanding where it comes from.

The second plot is one Wickline and Sevy deserve equal credit for. The murders of the frozen is a unique situation here, as we’re just starting to learn how wide-reaching and horrific it is, but without any motivation. Sevy meanwhile explores it fully on his side of the equation, from the grotesque truck full of bodies (which is fantastically and horrifically rendered), to the reactions of the cast to the horrible sight. It’s great work, setting up a terrific plot thread for the series as a whole.

Outside that particular plot, Sevy continues to turn out great work in both line art and colors. His characters are interesting and varied, which is a skill that a lot of comic artists lack. He is able to keep a very talky and contemplative story interesting and engaging, using his layouts, camera angles, and color work to draw you in.

I continue to look forward to this series each month. It’s such a different take on the post-apocalypse, and I really enjoy it.

The Freeze #3 is available now from Image Comics/Top Cow Productions.

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