A New Speedster Bursts Onto The Scene In Blue-Shift: Frenemies

by James Ferguson

You’d think life as a speedster would be easy, but that’s not the case for Blue-Shift. Sure, she’s a relatively successful super hero, whizzing about the city stopping criminals with a healthy dose of attitude. Her personal life as Beth is somewhat in shambles and it’s hard to make time for dates or friends when you’re trying to save the city. You’d think super speed would help with that.

Writers Johnathan Lewis and Ed Jowett quickly (no pun intended) introduce us to Blue-Shift and the world around her. This issue is not an origin story, nor do I feel that one is really needed. Instead, we get a good idea of who this character is and what her life is like based on the opening pages featuring a failed blind date. This gives you a good frame of reference as we head into this adventure.
As Blue-Shift, Beth runs head first into combat. She has a similar mindset to Spider-Man, throwing out quips at a mile at minute. A chunk of these fall pretty flat so she comes across as rather corny at times. What is most interesting is how her super hero life influences her personal life when she’s thrown into the arms of a potential love interest. Artist Rahmet Wisnubroto creates an expertly framed page of these two women mirroring their actions. They are so close, yet so far away.

The design for Blue-Shift exudes speed. She looks a bit like a Mega Man character, but that’s not a bad thing. She’s armored in a way that the Flash isn’t, with an emphasis on her joints and a helmet to protect her head. Those are the areas where she’d be most vulnerable so it makes sense to have that added layer of protection.
While we get a good idea of who Beth is as a character, this particular adventure is a little blocky. It moves quickly (again, no pun intended) from point to point without letting some of this sink in or giving us time to explore these elements. There’s definitely a lot more at work here. What comes across the most is the potential this comic has. This is the beginning of a new super hero universe, which is no easy task. There are the makings of some pretty cool stuff in here and I hope the creators get a chance to dig into it further.
Blue-Shift: Frenemies from SOV Comics is currently available digitally through ComiXology.

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