Hex Vet Returns With ‘The Flying Surgery’ This December

by James Ferguson

After charming us all with the super fun Hex Vet, cartoonist Sam Davies is back with another trip to the Willows Whisper Veterinary Practice. Hex Vet: The Flying Surgery is the next softcover original graphic novel following witches-in-training Nan and Clarion, due out in December 2019 from Boom! Studios.

This new comic picks up with the monthly “Winged Creature Clinic” where flying creatures from all over come in to get treated. When Glenn the Wildlife Warlock brings in an injured flying pig that looks like it may have been mistreated, panic strikes and a greater mystery unfolds. Nan and Clarion have to keep everything under control while Dr. Talon is away.
Sam Davies says:

For this book, I wanted to expand on some of the more fun elements having a magical vets surgery could include. . . like literally launching a bit of it into the sky if you need to! I hope it will make the world feel bigger and more exciting for readers who enjoyed the first book and wanted to know more. There’s a lot Nan and Clarion have to deal with on top of learning to care for their patients this time around. Let’s hope they can rise to the challenge!

Hex Vet: The Flying Surgery will be released under Boom! Studios’ KaBoom! imprint geared towards middle grade and younger readers.
Bryce Carlson, Vice President, Editorial & Creative Strategy, Boom! Studios adds:

These lovely little hex vets are the best, and now they’re taking their wild and charming antics up into the clouds. How much fun is The Flying Surgery going to be? I’d say sky’s the limit. Sam continues to be nothing short of brilliant. Her cartooning and storytelling are perfect for readers of all ages and we’re incredibly grateful that Sam is continuing to explore this world. Not only do we get more Nan and Clarion shenanigans, this next installment of Hex Vet is filled with more magical creatures, new endearing characters, and the continued admirable mission of doing whatever it take to help save animals.

Hex Vet: The Flying Surgery is due out in December 2019.

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