How All The Clues In ‘This Is Us’ Could Add Up

by Christine Marie Attardo

It was hard to wait all of that extra time for a new episode of This Is Us, but the show finally returned on Tuesday night with part two of Songbird Road. The emotional journey that Kevin has been through in an attempt to find Jack’s brother has been tough, but was it all worth it?

The entire Nicky story line has been leading up to this point. After the last episode, it was hard to tell if he was going to accept Kevin’s help. How it affects all of the Pearson children was an interesting turn of events. At the end of the day, it was an episode that left me feeling like I had just been given a bag of clues about what’s to come.
First off, “Pearson Pizza?” Can we get some of that? Though, the heart of that scene didn’t leave me all warm and fuzzy. We see Jack in a not-so-Jack state where he loses his temper with the kids. We don’t actually see him throw a plate at the wall, but it’s pretty obvious that it took place when Randall and Kate find him. This leads adult Randall and Kate contemplating whether the happy memory of sequins and pizza was actually just that. My fear is, I hope this isn’t the beginning of more stories where we see a darker side of Jack. No thank you!

My second clue was Kate’s return home to Toby. She enters their home and immediately states a scenario to her husband about what she wants to do with their future children. Maybe I’m pushing it here, but I keep thinking Kate may die in pregnancy. For some reason, that scene hit that button. Will Toby remember that statement when Kate is gone? Will it actually happen for them?

Thirdly, a storm is brewing. It’s hard to not feel heartbroken for Kevin as he turns back to alcohol. The temptation was there and he couldn’t fight it. What will happen next? Can it get worse than the time he was in the car with Tess driving drunk? Well, yes. My prediction is it’s going to get much, much worse.

Dan Fogelman has already hinted at the intensity of what’s to come in episode 15. Well, we are only three away, and we already know next week is all about Beth’s journey. Buckle up!
You can watch This Is Us on NBC on Tuesday nights or stream it on Hulu anytime.

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