My Little Pony Joins Hasbro And Paramount’s Revised Film Slate

by Erik Amaya


The fourth film in a deal between Habsro and Paramount Pictures will be a feature film version of My Little Pony.
According to a project calendar released by the company and its film production unit, Allspark Pictures at ToyFair this week, the project takes over a slot both companies reserved for an unannounced film when they first revealed a 2017 agreement to co-produce a number of films together. The other films in the schedule are a new G.I. Joe film and a feature film version of the beloved late-70s toy line Micronauts — both expected for a 2020 release — and feature film version of Dungeons & Dragons for 2021.
Many of these projects have been in some form of development for quite awhile. The D&D film began development in 2015, albeit in a different form for Warner Bros. before joining the Hasbro/Paramount pact in 2017. At the time, it was said the film was slated for an July 23rd, 2021 release; which is consistent with the updated Allspark calendar. Further G.I. Joe films have been a point discussion since the release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation — with ideas as diverse as a Snake Eyes spinoff to direct continuations bandied about. The 2020 G.I. Joe film was part of Hasbro and Paramount’s 2017 announcement, but no concrete news has surfaced since. But it seems both companies are still intent on making the new G.I. Joe the first in its expansion of titles past Transformers.
It is unclear if the My Little Pony feature will be live action or animated as the original deal between Hasbro and Paramount included the possibility of animated fare, but a live action version of the brand would be consistent with Hasbro’s cross-media developments of its titles.
If the release dates agreed upon in 2017 remain firm, expect My Little Pony on October 1st, 2021.

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