Rebellion To Publish 7 Comic Book Specials Celebrating UK Comics Old And New

by Olly MacNamee

Continuing in the revival of British comic book classics of yesteryear, Rebellion will be releasing 7 new comic book specials between April and October to tickle your sides and entertain your kids. And us parents too!

Cor!! & Buster Special2000 AD Villains Takeover Special2000 AD Regened2000 AD Sci-Fi SpecialTammy & Jinty SpecialThe VigilantRoy of the Rovers 65th Anniversary Special, Scream & Misty Presents The Thirteenth Floor are all the titles being published with the 48-page Cor!! & Buster Special hitting stores on the 17th of April and costing readers £4.99.

May and June are taken over by 2000AD with their FCBD offering, as well as the return of 2000AD Reneged, a younger readers 2000AD, with Carlos Ezquerra being commemorated in the 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special which “will pay tribute to the co-creator of Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog with a special issue focusing on some of his greatest moments,” including his unpublished work on Specter, a new series he was working on with long-time collaborator John Wagner. The 48-page special hits shelves on 19th June at £4.99.

Also in June comes the popular 1970s and 1980s comic Tammy and Jinty: 

This June, these classic titles return, retooled for the 21st Century and with a host of new creators producing high-quality strips that pay tribute to the legacy of trail-blazing comics while introducing a new audience to the medium! 

The Vigilant returns in August, and soccer star, Roy of the Rovers, recently revived by Rebellion, gets his first new special in September for his 65th birthday and the start of the new footie season in The Roy of the Rovers 65th Anniversary Special kicking off on 11th September with a bumper 128-page £9.99 issue!
And in time for Hallowe’en, the Scream & Misty Presents The Thirteenth Floor arrives on 16th October with a 48-page £4.99 special filled with the best chills that British comics can deliver! Created by John Wagner, Alan Grant, and grossly under appreciated artist José Ortiz.

Lots of new comics and old-school remixes too to keep readers both young and old happy for the erst if the year. Well, until October anyway.

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