The ‘Waiting Is Over’ For Our Exclusive Preview Of Terminator: Sector Wars #3

by Hannah Means Shannon

On February 20th, Dark Horse is releasing Terminator: Sector War #3 in the series brought to us by writer Brian Wood and artist Jeff Stokely, with cover art by Tula Lotay.
The story so far has posed the idea that two Terminators went back in time to 1984 to kill Sarah Conner, and the other to kill rookie NYPD Officer Lucy Castro, who works to protect one of the worst areas of the city.

In issue #3:

The price for protection from the T-800 is to betray the uniform and destroy key evidence in a case against local crime boss Papa Oso. Were it just her, Officer Lucy Castro would never give in, but she’s fighting for two now, and is determined to make it through to dawn.

Here’s our Exclusive Preview of Castro and friends fighting it out!

Terminator: Sector Wars #3 lands in shops next Wednesday, February 20th!

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