ToyFair 2019: DC Collectibles Reveal 3 New Lines & More

by Gary Catig

Toy Fair New York is one of the largest industry events and many companies preview their upcoming products for the year. Before the start of the show, DC Collectibles revealed their entire lineup which include three new lines.

If you ever imagined what your favorite DC character would look like as a luchador, check out Ramon Villalobos’ commission art. However, the next best thing is the DC ¡Lucha Explosiva! line. These figures combine the action-packed world of Lucha Libre with iconic DC heroes and villains. They stand 7’’ tall and the first wave will include Batman, Deathstroke, Superman, Metallo II, Wonder Woman and Cheetah. These figures are a fun take on these iconic characters but seriously, they should get Ramon to help design the second wave. Expect these in August 2019.

For those who like more serious toys, there is the DC Prime line, which debuts in October 2019. These premium grade 9’’ action figures are designed by artist, Riccardo Federici and sculpted by Wonil Song. They are highly detailed with unmatched poseability and an array of customized accessories. Batman will be the first in the line.

There will also be a new statue line called DC Engines of Chaos with designs from artist, Riley Rossmo. They will have a postapocalyptic theme and feature a DC Character riding a vehicle. The first of the series will be the Dark Knight riding a custom bike and is expected to arrive in November of 2019. Following afterwards will be Poison Ivy.

In addition to the three new lines, DC Collectibles will also release the following products.

Batman Black & White Statues

The Batman Who Laughs by Greg Capullo 2nd Edition

Batman by Joe Madureira

Batman Black & White Mini Figures

Mini 7 Piece Box Set 4

Bat Family Multi-Part Statue

Red Hood

DC Gallery

Wonder Woman Shield Prop

Harley Quinn Red, White & Black Statue

Metal Harley Quinn by Greg Horn Statue

DC Designer Series Statue

Batman by Frank Miller Statue

DC Cover Girls Statue

Huntress by Joëlle Jones Statue

Dark Nights: Metal Batman Statues

The Red Death Statue

The Batman Who Laughs and Robin Minions Deluxe Statue

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