Archie And Sabrina Take Their Relationship Public In Archie #705

by James Ferguson

The secret relationship between Archie and Sabrina is just one of many awesome new tidbits bubbling in the current Archie series. It’s so bombastic in nature that its revelation to the world will even change the title of the comic. This will all come to the surface in Archie #705, which has been retitled as Archie and Sabrina to celebrate the occasion. Writer Nick Spencer continues his run, joined by artist Sandy Jarrell, colorist Matt Herms, and lettered Jack Morelli.

Archie Comics Co-President Alex Segura says:

The biggest revelation from Nick’s first arc was that Archie and Sabrina were a couple — which got everyone talking and set up a new, wholly original status quo. But how’d we get there? What are the repercussions? We’ll see that as Sandy and Nick roll out their second arc, and it made sense to have the title reflect that — showcasing two of the company’s biggest characters in one, must-read title.

Spencer’s run on Archie has been top notch since the monumental issue #700. It’s perfect for new and old fans alike and with the prevalence of Archie and Sabrina in pop culture thanks to their TV shows, there are a lot of new fans. I hope more and more of them give this comic a shot.
Archie & Sabrina #1 will feature covers by Veronica Fish, Elsa Charretier, and Tyler Boss. Look for it at your local comic shop in May.

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