New Manga Titles Coming From Viz Media This Fall

by Gary Catig

Entertainment company and publisher, Viz Media, is known for bringing popular manga stateside. Recently, they revealed their latest acquisitions that will be debuting this Fall. In total, they announced seven titles that encompass a variety of genres.

From the Eisner award winning creator, Taiyo Matsumoto, is Cats of the Louvre. It is a surreal tale about the secret lives of felines living in the world-famous Parisian museum. After all the visitors have left and the lights are dimmed, an unseen world comes alive that is witnessed by a family of cats that dwell in the attic.

Acclaimed author, Osamu Dazai, has his chilling literary work, No Longer Human, converted into a graphic novel. Famed horror manga creator, Junji Ito, adapts the tale about Yozo Oba, a person with maddening anxiety who has a disconnect between his own concept of happiness and the joy of the rest of the world. He puts up a mask to hide his inner depressive nature.

A hardcover deluxe edition of the science fiction battle manga, Levius, will also be coming out. Cybernetically augmented fighters engage in the sport of mechanical martial arts and the titular Levius is one of these gladiators combating in the arena in order to survive. They will also publish the ongoing sequel series, Levius/EST.

In The Way of the Househusband, legendary Yakuza, the Immortal Dragon, gives up his life of crime to settle into a domesticated life but finds the transition more challenging than expected.

After a great war, cyborg soldiers known as the Extended, were discharged. One of these former Extended, Juzo Inui, finds his head replaced with a giant gun and all his memories lost. No Guns Life follows Juzo roaming the streets as a Resolver, a special detective that investigates cases involving his own kind.

Finally, Assassination Classroom will be receiving a compete box set of all 21 volumes and along with a premium two-sided color poster and a 32-page full-color mini art book. The hit high school action-adventure-comedy is about a powerful monster who threatens the destruction of earth in one year’s time. In the meantime, he becomes a teacher at a junior high where he not only educates his pupils but must fight off assassination attempts.

That’s quite a few new titles to choose from this Fall. Which one are you most excited for?

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