Wonder Woman #64 Puts Diana Up Against Her Toughest Foe, Corporate America

by Tony Thornley

It’s interesting to see new creative teams establish their identity on a series. Often it’s a giant splash, like the “Batman super-team” rebranding of DC’s Detective Comics back at the beginning of the Rebirth era. In Wonder Woman though, it’s a lot more subtle and subdued, but in a good way.

Cover by Terry & Rachel Dodson

This issue comes to us from G. Willow Wilson, Jesus Merino, Andy Owens, Romulo Fajardo, and Pat Brousseau. It’s the first issue of Wilson’s run to date that firmly establishes the mission of her Wonder Woman in telling a relevant story for modern times. Interestingly, you can see the groundwork she laid for it in retrospect as well.

After some quality time with a recovering Steve Trevor, Diana springs to action to help after a disaster in downtown DC. She finds herself facing the Gorgon-like Nemesis, goddess of grudges. However, the fight is interrupted by Veronica Cale, who declares that not only is Diana encroaching on her corporate property but also that her entire mythological realm has been exterminated!

Wilson does two really interesting things here. First of all, the story that she’s been setting up and hinting at for the last seven issues is made explicit–Diana and all the Greek mythological creatures she’s encountered lately are officially refugees. It creates a great new dynamic for Diana that’s also incredibly relevant.

She also establishes a fascinating antagonist–the Lex Luthor-esque Veronica Cale. Though Cale has been through multiple incarnations, making her a rich white woman oppressing minorities not only makes her relevant, but also gives her a clear goal in opposition to Diana. I’m really interested in where this goes.

Merino and Owens are a great art team. Though they lean towards DC’s house style, they are a bit more expressive in this issue, doing some great character acting. They also knock out the action between Diana and Nemesis, making sure none of it is static or still. With Fajardo’s great color work, it really establishes a solid look for Diana’s new reality.

I was honestly on the fence about continuing with this title, but after this, I’m in.

Wonder Woman #64 is available now from DC Comics.

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