A Father-Son Reunion In Thor #10

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Weeks ago, Odin sent his brother, Cul, to Svartalfheim to monitor Malekith and the dark elves. Now, Odin still sits in Old Asgard, drunk and wallowing in the ruin. Thor visits to retrieve more hammers from Screwbeard the dwarf. Odin has gotten the dwarf to drink to near oblivion, and the All-Father deigns to insult his weary and terrified son. Thor decides to take the abuse no longer, and Thor and All-Father Odin have it out across the ruins of Old Asgard.

Thor #10 cover by Mike del Mundo
Thor #10 cover by Mike del Mundo

Thor #10 hits another high point for this iteration of the series. The relationship between Thor and Odin has often been one of the most interesting aspects of Marvel’s version of the Thor mythos. Odin is an abusive and power-mad king, and he’s often treated with Thor with naught but contempt and neglect.
Seeing Thor decide to show the one-eyed bastard kindly where to shove it is cathartic and deserved. It’s especially compelling in Jason Aaron’s iteration on the Thunder God, which has centered around Thor trying to prove that he can earn the mantle of god, while Odin simply believes he deserves to be a god by simply being one.
What really makes this issue click is that it is told from the perspective of Odin. The old king is aware that he is a cruel and uncaring father, and he is filled with regret. However, his arrogance and stubbornness will not allow him to ease up on Thor or show him an ounce of unconditional love. It’s kind of brilliant.
Thor #10 art by Mike del Mundo, Marco D'Alfonso, and letterer VC's Joe Sabino
Thor #10 art by Mike del Mundo, Marco D’Alfonso, and letterer VC’s Joe Sabino

Mike del Mundo brings all of this to life in his trademark surreal and fantastical style. He gives a particular gleam to Thor that allows him to stand out all the more from the rubble and ruin in which Odin sits. The battle is as violent and thunderous as it should be. The color work, by del Mundo and Marco D’Alfonso, is explosive and surreal to match it all.
Thor #10 is an emotional and cathartic read that reunites father and son in a bitter and bloody feud. Odin continues to be spiteful, and Thor continues to want his love, if only for a moment. It’s a brilliant read and worthy of a recommendation. Give it a read.
Thor #10 comes to us from writer Jason Aaron, artist and cover artist Mike del Mundo, color artists Mike del Mundo and Marco D’Alfonso letterer VC’s Joe Sabino, and variant cover artist Khary Randolph with Morry Hollowell.

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