CyGames RPG ‘Princess Connect! Re: Dive’ Gets An Anime

by Sage Ashford

CyGames continues it’s domination of the media world with the announcement that their popular mobile RPG, Princess Connect! Re: Dive is receiving an anime adaptation. Set in the world Astraea, the main character is a young man with amnesia who meets a series of young women (because of course he does) while learning about this new world.
As basic as the plot of this sounds, CyGames has a fairly good track record with these series. Rage of Bahamut is one of the strongest fantasy series released this decade (though it’s sequel leaves much to be desired), while Uma Musume: Pretty Derby was unexpectedly popular due to its earnest, likable cast. Even CyGames’ Granblue Fantasy: The Animation did well enough to garner a sequel, so while this stands a good chance of being your typical isekai fanfiction…there’s still just as much of a chance it winds up being good anyway.
Even more importantly, this marks the second major production for their CyGamesPictures animation studio, with the first being this year’s Mysteria Friends, based on characters from their Rage of Bahamut game.
Currently, “Princess Connect! Re: Dive” has no scheduled release date.

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