Reed Faces Reeva In A Preview Of The Gifted’s Season Finale

by Erik Amaya

New battle lines have been drawn. But for Reeva (Grace Byers) the mission is still the same: force the situation and control everyone in an attempt to create a mutant nation. Presumably, she will also install herself as the leader of this mutant homeland. In her wake, she toppled the Mutant Underground, the Morlocks and nearly broke the bonds between our main characters. They prevailed nonetheless, and it seems the final conflict will see these seven people facing off against Reeva’s planning and resources. Or, as this preview for next week’s season finale indicates, Reed (Stephen Moyer) will face Reeva alone in a battle to the death.

Meanwhile, it is nice to see the main group reunited, even if they are completely alone with all other mutant factions scattered and the Inner Circle ready to start the final battle in its uprising. That contrast between the personal and the big ideas behind the mutant metaphor always makes The Gifted an interesting show even when it flounders in the middle episodes of both seasons. Hopefully, it will conclude Season 2 on a strong note and find its way back to screen next year for Season 3.
Then again, it seems there is no resetting the world after Reeva either succeeds or fails. The rift between mutant and human will be insurmountable and the only way forward will be war. Should the series be willing to commit to that, it could be quite compelling. But we’ll assume the Struckers and the others will be able to restore some normalcy before the end.
The Gifted airs Tuesdays on Fox.

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