Into The Prehistoric Yonder With Turok #2

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Turok and Andar find themselves in a strange land nothing like the one they were just in. This land is filled with massive lizard-beasts that could kill them with ease…also known as dinosaurs. The cavalry still pursue the brothers, as they’ve followed Turok and Andar through the portal that led to this place. Turok and Andar continue to run, but the cavalry are avid to catch them, even as these lizard beasts descend upon them and begin killing men.

Turok #2 cover by Bart Sears
Turok #2 cover by Bart Sears

Turok #2 follows Turok, his brother, and their pursuers into an ancient prehistoric land that seems intent upon killing them all. Despite survivalist skills of Turok, Andar, and the cavalrymen, survival seems unlikely for everyone.
This is, of course, classic Turok material. Dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts are at the very core of the stories that surround this classic character.
Ron Marz continues to show a proficiency in writing a tight and compelling Turok story.
The cavalry captain proves to be an interesting character. He has a strong bloodlust and apparent distaste for indigenous peoples, but there is more to him than these hateful qualities. He won’t allow these motivations to override basic survival instinct.
Also, dinosaurs are just cool, and it’s always fun watching Turok fight them with blades and fists.
Turok #2 cover by Bart Sears
Turok #2 art by Roberto Castro, Salvatore Aiala, and letterer A Larger World Studios’ Troy Peteri

Roberto Castro’s artwork continues to provide a gritty and appealing aesthetic for the world of Turok. Characters are expressive and action-oriented, the world seems dangerous and oppressive, and the dinosaurs are beastial and intimidating. Salvatore Aiala’s color work matches it well, making the surroundings appear hot, bright, and innately dangerous.
Turok #2 is another exciting step for this return series. We get to see our clever and dedicated hero fend off dinosaurs and soldiers all while he tries to keep his brother safe. It’s a solid read and worthy of a recommendation. Check it out.
Turok #2 comes to us from writer Ron Marz, artist Roberto Castro, color artist Salvatore Aiala, letterer A Larger World Studios’ Troy Peteri, cover artist Bart Sears, and variant cover artist Butch Guice with Dan Brown.

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