X-Rated Aliens Invade Earth In Skarpworld

by Tito W. James
Dumfer and Skarpine

Skarpworld is a NSFW comic about a nerdy 18 year old boy named Dumfer and his otherworldly relationship with the promiscuous space alien Skarpine. When Skarpine’s alien overlords threaten to blow up planet earth, Dumfer is forced to become her cameraman and record all of Skarpine’s sexual shenanigans with Dumfer’s colorful classmates.

Skarpworld’s creator Gerph, delivers on the wacky premise by rendering a cartoony world with the right mix of hilarious characters and scandalous art. There are so many little touches that make Skarpworld unique. For example, Dumfer’s school is in the shape of a battleship and Skarpine’s UFO is shaped like a soda can. It’s as if a gang of Cartoon Network characters suddenly hit puberty but still lived by cartoon logic.

Miny and Carrot

Skarpworld also stands out because of it’s endearing cast of characters. Gerph designed characters who look sexy in a way that expresses their personality traits. Skarpworld is home to a lovey cast of witches, aliens, gamers, and a girl who looks like a carrot.

Sexual expression remains a taboo topic despite being eternally ingrained in the human experience. However, If an artist can express human desires in a funny and creative way, then their work deserves to be seen. So if you’re over 18, and are down to see the hilarious sexual exploits of a bizarre cast of characters, read Skarpworld.

You can support Gerph on his Patreon page.

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