Sky Burial By A Crow In Bloodborne #9

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
We join Eileen the Crow, a Hunter of Hunters, as she buries a horde of freshly dead and gives a proper sky burial to another Hunter. She is confused about when she is, and she is assailed by horrid memories of childhood. She feels sick and knows that she is getting older. She awakens from this vision as if it were a nightmare, but was it? Is she sick? When is she? What will become of her in the night to come?

Bloodborne #9 cover by Jeff Stokely
Bloodborne #9 cover by Jeff Stokely

Bloodborne #9 begins the next arc of the comic series, this time focusing on a side character from the game known as Eileen the Crow. She is a Hunter of Hunters, one tasked with killing other Hunters should they give into bloodlust.
This issue uses very esoteric storytelling. We are given sporadic and disjointed visions with naught but Eileen’s own confused narration to guide us. When one thinks they may be settling in, it’s revealed to (perhaps) be a dream.
Eileen is one of the cooler side characters from the Bloodborne videogame, and it’s nice to see Ales Kot and Piotr Kowalski expand on this figure. This story seems somewhat removed from her tale in the game, but, of course, time is a fickle thing in FromSoftware games–plus the elusiveness of time seems to be a theme of this story.
This is the kind of comic where you’ll reach the end feeling like you know nothing more than where you began, and that can be understandably frustrating.
Bloodborne #9 art by Jeff Stokely, Brad Simpson, and letterers Aditya Bidikar and Jim Campbell
Bloodborne #9 art by Jeff Stokely, Brad Simpson, and letterers Aditya Bidikar and Jim Campbell

That said, I felt engaged until the end, and that is partially due to Kowalski’s ever-impressive artwork. Comics are a visual medium, and the imagery he provides creates something of a pastiche of feeling. You understand what Eileen is feeling and where her mind is at based upon what you see. Add to that the excellent color work of Brad Simpson, and you have a stunning comic to look at.
Bloodborne #9 begins another new and interesting arc for the title. For the first time since the comic series’ start, we focus upon a named character from the game, and I look forward to where Kot, Kowalski, and Simpson go with that. This one gets a recommendation. Check it out.
Bloodborne #9 comes to us from writer Ales Kot, artist Piotr Kowalski, color artist Brad Simpson, letterers Aditya Bidikar and Jim Campbell, cover artist Jeff Stokely, and variant cover artist Ivan Shavrin.

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