5 Point Discussions: Mob Psycho 100 2 – Episode 7

by Anna Lindwasser

The seventh episode of Mob Psycho 100 2 dropped on February 18th, so let’s get right into it with a 5 Point Discussion. If you liked this article and other 5 Point Discussions, make sure to share on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter. If you have any questions or comments for me, you can find me @fistfuloftea on Twitter.

1.It’s amazing how easy it is to root for Reigen. He actually is a con artist who has been lying about his spiritual powers, and on some level he does deserve to be taken to task for it – but it’s impossible to feel good when it happens. That’s because the people responsible for it are bullies. The TV show was a set-up designed to publicly humiliate him, and the people turning against him were people who he’d actually helped in some way. It was even painful to watch the folks at the bar turn against him – even though they were right, he did see them as easy prey. Mob Psycho 100 made me love a garbage man and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

2. If you’re in your twenties and your life isn’t exactly on track, you’ve probably received a panicked message like the one Reigen’s mom sent him. Through Mob’s eyes, Reigen seems like a competent adult, but through the eyes of his mother, he’s a messy millennial in desperate need of assistance before his life goes completely off the rails. The emails did a great job of not only showing Reigen from different angles, but also of giving some insight into where he came from – parents who love him and want to help, but don’t understand him, either.

3. Baby Mob was just about the cutest thing in existence. His yearning for a mentor who could help him deal with the stressful nature of his powers made the fact that Reigen tricked him even more painful – but it’s also clear that as much as Reigen was using him, he also genuinely wanted to help.

4. I wish they’d spent a little more time on why Mob decided to help Reigen out during his press conference. While it was clear that the reason the equipment started flying around was due to Mob’s presence, it wasn’t clear how he arrived at this particular solution. Too much time spent on this would have derailed the episode, but considering the high risk of injury – something that conflicts with Mob’s established ethics – a line or two would have enhanced things.

5. The final scene, where Mob tells Reigen that he knows the truth about him, was one of the most touching moments of the Winter 2019 anime season. Mob sometimes seems like he’s not perceptive, but he’s gotten more mature over the course of the series. Though he never said anything, it was clear that he knew Reigen didn’t have the powers that he did. Reigen isn’t the mentor Mob begged for in the flashback, but he is, as Mob says, a good person.

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