Full Creative Team Revealed For Titan Comics’ Bladerunner Series

by Olly MacNamee

Officially called Blade Runner 2019 (it is the year it’s supposedly set in after all) Titan Comics have revealed the creative team behind this highly anticipate comic book.

Titan have confirmed that artist Andres Guinaldo (Justice League Dark, Captain America) will be joining Blade Runner 2049 screenwriter Michael Green (Logan) and veteran collaborator Mike Johnson (Star Trek, Super­man/Batman) to create a new book set in the same timeframe as the classic sci-fi noir film but with all new characters.

Editor and artist, David Leach, is the lucky guy to be bringing this book to comic book stores this summer. And, it’s a lifelong dream it would seem:

I was 19 when I first saw Blade Runner and I left the cinema dazed and stunned. Frankly, it blew my tiny little art school mind so the opportunity to work on this new comic set in that same world is an absolute thrill and honour!

You’ve had a look at some of the character sketches above, so when we hear any more, we’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop.

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