Left Alive ‘Through The Warzone’ Video Reveals 14 Minutes Of Gameplay

by Sage Ashford

As the release date for Left Alive draws nearer, Square-Enix has released a large snippet of fourteen minutes of gameplay entitled “Through the Warzone”. Split into different sections representing the different characters players will have to guide the a hostile warzone to safety, each section displays the different ways of handling situations on the field.   In Leonid’s section, we’re shown the primary way of playing the game: sneaking around and past enemies to get to the next section of the game, as he tries to find Ruslan, the leader of the resistance group whose murder Leonid was framed for.  Meanwhile, with Olga we’re shown the on-foot combat sections, as she shoots her way out of a building flooded with enemy soldiers after running into her old superior, Andrey.  Lastly, there’s Mikhail, who sneaks into an enemy wanzer to cause as much damage as possible, shooting down everything from drones and other soldiers to taking on other wanzers.

Though it isn’t a strategy game, Left Alive aims to pull players right back in the Front Mission universe, and seems to be one of the most unique games coming out of Square-Enix lately, with a design and play style that appears to follow in the footsteps of Metal Gear Solid.

Left Alive releases on PC and PlayStation 4 worldwide on March 5th, 2019.

Sage Ashford

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