Detective Pikachu Presents The Case In New Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for the upcoming Pokémon: Detective Pikachu and boy, does it look like a hoot. Ryan Reynolds stars as an amnesiac Pikachu who awakens with only a deerstalker cap as his only clue to his identity. Seeking out the cap’s owner, Harry Goodman, he becomes convinced he is a world-class detective, and forces Harry’s son Tim (Justice Smith) to help him crack the case of the missing Harry. As it happens, the two can understand each other, making things both easier and wackier. But since this is a Pokémon movie, Detective Pikachu will have to fight some of the famous pocket monsters; a task he seems particularly ill-suited to take on.

I have to admit, I missed the Pokémon train by a year or two, so it’s never been a nostalgic brand for me. That said, this looks like a fun film and, perhaps, the best way to introduce Pokémon ideas to a live action, mainstream universe. Hopefully, the completed film will be as fun as this trailer.
POKÉMON: Detective Pikachu opens on May 10th.

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