Aquaman 2 Gets A 2022 Release Date

by Erik Amaya


Despite earlier reports that an Aquaman sequel was far on the horizon in the DC film calendar, it will be ready for a December 16th, 2022 release.

Deadline reports the date has been scheduled by Warner Bros. Pictures and represents the furthest away addition to the established DC releases, which includes next month’s Shazam! and the 2020 duo of Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984. Previously, word on the street indicated Aquaman director James Wan and star Jason Momoa wanted a longer time period to rest and develop the sequel. Wan was apparently developing several story concepts while weighing whether or not to helm the film himself. But by scheduling Aquaman 2 on the calendar, it suggests Wan, Momoa and the studio have come to some sort of accord about the shape of the project. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick is writing the script.

In the meantime, the studio is also said to be working on a spinoff focused on the Trench, the fishmen tribe seen attacking Mera (Amber Heard) and Arthur (Momoa) before they make their deepest dive into an alternate dimension halfway through Aquaman. Writers Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald will take the first crack at the idea. Based on the creatures introduced during the New 52 relaunch in 2011, The Trench are a tribe of Atlantis cut off from the rest when the nation sank into the ocean. Unlike the other tribes, which remained more or less human, the Trench devolved into animalistic fish-like creatures. It is unclear if the film will be set prior to the sinking of Atlantis or feature the Trench as antagonists for a new set of characters.

The Trench project is not set for release, unlike Aquaman 2, which will debut on December 16th 2022

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