Broad City 5.5 Recap: As One Romance Ends, Another Begins

by Gary Catig

Abbi follows through with her plans last episode about a new job and pursuing her art more. It’s kept her busy and she’s exhausted with all the work, but it’s paid off. She created her own set of greeting cards and they’re displayed in a prime spot at a local independent bookstore. Finally, a tangible product for sale. While she’s admiring her handiwork, she notices an old college friend named Donna. She’s the same Donna referenced in the season three premiere with feminine odor problems. Luckily for Abbi, her friend loves the cards and invites her to a fancy soirée at the MoMA, a perfect event for networking and expanding her reach as an artist.

[*Spoilers for 5.5 Ahead!]

In order to attend the party, Abbi calls her job to request the night off. When she shows up at the MoMA, she sees her boss, Kevin, catering the event. He mistakenly thinks she’s had a change of heart and came to work. The rest of the night, she walks a fine line transitioning between serving food and schmoozing without letting either Donna or Kevin know of the other.

She pulls it off early and is able to make contacts with other artists. Unfortunately, she ends up spilling wine on a guest attracting unwanted attention from her friend and boss. Abbi comes clean disappointing both. In all the commotion, she doesn’t realize the guest she spilled on is an artist she greatly admires. When they converse, she’s too flustered and faints. Later, she awakes in a hospital attended by a doctor who is obviously hitting on her. Hesitant at first because the doctor is a woman, Abbi eventually takes the hint and gathers enough courage to ask her out.

Ilana is having quite the evening as well. She’s celebrating her one-year anniversary of getting back together with Lincoln at a fancy restaurant complete with a twelve-course meal. The couple also use the opportunity to reassess their relationship and renegotiate new terms such as the number of rom-coms to see and whether to be intimate on a rollercoaster. They are adept at deal making and determine provisions that are satisfactory to both sides. Even when it comes to the number of other people Ilana can make out with.

Talks take a serous turn when Lincoln brings up long term future plans like buying a house back in Maryland, settling down and having kids. Ilana is not ready for that kind of commitment and is currently focused on other aspects of her life. She recently decided she wants to go to graduate school not to mention her blossoming phone wig business. This is one term she has no counter offer. For Lincoln, it’s not negotiable and the two realize their romance won’t work out. They decide to take out their frustrations scarfing the rest of the meal down like gluttons until they puke. When the soon to be ex-couple return home, they have one last touching moment sharing dessert in the bathroom. At least they will still be friends.

Both our heroines are ready for a new stage in their lives and part of growing up is getting out of your comfort zone and making tough decisions. For Abbi, she’s venturing out of her normal social circles and meeting new friends. Despite her hiccups during the MoMA party, she genuinely enjoyed her evening and appreciated Donna bringing her closer into the art world. Also, she is exploring her sexuality by going on her first date with another woman. Ilana has prioritized her life and there are things she wants more than a relationship. As devastating as it was to end it with Lincoln (they’re so good together), going back to school and pursuing her business are more important to her right now.

Other interesting episode notes:

  • People in NYC should download the Pediphile app, the Uber/Lyft equivalent for pedicabs. What did you think it was?
  • Lincoln, the dentist, has a ledger shaped like a tooth.

Broad City airs Thursdays at 10:00 pm on Comedy Central.

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