Exorsisters #5 Starts A Holy War

by Tony Thornley

When you look at Judeo-Christian mythology, there’s a lot of material. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of room for new pieces of that mythology to be introduced. Exorsisters #5 not only does so, but is able to create a credible threat as it starts a supernatural war.

Ian Boothby, Giselle Lagace, Pete Pantazis, and Taylor Esposito escalate the events of the last few issues with the start of a war that may already be lost.

The Harrows are faced with the threat of the First Shadow. After Gabriel reveals its history, they decide they need to come up with a plan. However, the malevolent being is already several steps ahead of the sisters…

I’ve talked a lot about how this series has kept away from the darkness with it’s comedic tone. However, Boothby steps full away from that this issue. There are still jokes and comedy, but the story has a much more serious and dark tone. Thankfully, the story had been gradually inching towards the more serious tone, which makes the sudden shift work really well.

The mythology he creates for the First Shadow is interesting as well. Making the literal darkness separated from light in Genesis a sentient threat is a great take on Judeo-Christian mythology. It makes for a chilling villain at that.

Lagace and Pantazis’s work do a lot to set the tone for the issue. Pantazis mutes his colors significantly, but doesn’t go too far into darkness, keeping a consistent tone with the rest of the series. Meanwhile Legace’s art keeps the lightness and humor, but she’s able to go dark easily. She really does a great job building dread without losing her trademark style.

With this issue, Exorsisters plays up their horror roots, and it’s incredibly successful. It continues to be a fun series.

Exorsisters #5 is available now from Image Comics.

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