Scout Comics Tests Experimental Mind Control With North Bend

by James Ferguson

I’m really starting to get a complex about my Kickstarter history as Scout Comics keeps scooping up projects I’ve backed. The latest is North Bend from writer Ryan Ellsworth, artist Pablo De Bonis, colorist Paul Little, and letterer Thomas Mauer.

The series is inspired by the true events of project MK Ultra, a secret CIA program during the Cold War. Experimental drugs and mind control methods were tested on people without their knowledge. North Bend picks up with the country on the verge of economic collapse and political revolution. The CIA recruits Seattle DEA Agent Brendan Kruge to test an experimental mind control drug on unwitting citizens.
Scout President James Haick says:

Scout is very excited to present such a fresh representation of a dark yet fascinating subject matter. We love what the creative team has put together, and truly believe our ‘Scout Mavericks’ will as well.

No specific release date has been announced for North Bend just yet, but Scout says it will debut in 2019.

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