Nintendo Announces Pokemon Sword And Shield For 2019

by Sage Ashford

After confirming a Pokemon-exclusive Direct this week, today Nintendo gave fans what they’ve been waiting on: a new generation of Pokemon, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Entitled Pokemon Sword and Shield, Nintendo’s eighth generation of the popular franchise will see players enter the Galar region.  The Galar region seems to be inspired by England, and features varied locales such as grassy countrysides, a massive city (which looks like London), underground mines and snow-capped mountains.
The starters for Generation 8 includes Grookie, a grass monkey, Scorbunny, a fire rabbit, and Sobble, a water reptile.  Nintendo also promised additional Pokemon news for later in the year, and confirmed again that Pokemon Sword and Shield will launch in in late 2019.   Surely there’s plenty more information to come in the future however, including the game’s legendaries, the number of Pokemon in the game, and much more.
Worth nothing is 4chan apparently already predicted both the game’s name and setting.  Will the rest of this rumor turn out to be true?

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