MCM Birmingham: Featuring Umbrella Academy Stars Tom Hopper & Emmy Raver-Lampman

by Olly MacNamee

Once known more for his roles in the BBC’s Merlin, from a few years back now, MCM have lucked out with booking Tom Hopper now that the Netflix show, based on the Dark Horse comic by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, has been such a huge success. Well, it certainly has in my household, and I imagine if my teenage daughter’s reaction on hearing this news is anything to go by, then MCM can expect another sold out event this March 23rd and 24th March, as MCM get their UK convention started in style.

As well as the appearance of Hooper there will be the likes of fellow Academy member, Emmy Raver-Lampman (Alison Hargreeves and Hamilton alumni), Felicia Day (Supernatural), Charles Martinet (the voices of Nintendo’s Luigi and Mario) as well as a lot more of the Merlin cast, who I feel sorry for in advance of the weekender, as I am sure any panel featuring them will inevitably be dominated by questions on  from teenagers all dressed up in school uniform on the two days of the week they don’t have to! I find that some what ironic. After all, of you think about it, Tom Hopper will be able to get more kids to dress in the correct uniform – albeit for a fictional school – than any teacher in the country, Including myself!

Still, it should be a fun weekend, and when I hear more on the guest list for the Comics Village (often announced later on) I’ll let you all know.

Or, you can check out the MCM website for updates too.

See you there!

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