First Look: The Magi’s Grandson PV

by Sage Ashford

Kadokawa Anime has released a new trailer for their upcoming anime, The Magi’s Grandson (Kenja no Mago). The series chronicles the adventures of a young boy named Shin, originally a denizen of the real world who was reborn into another world after an accident. Found by the hero mage Merlin Wolford, Shin would be trained in all the magical arts of his grandfather, making him incredibly powerful. Unfortunately, he failed to teach the boy any restraint or common sense!
Animated by Silver LINK (Baka and Test, Strike the Blood), The Magi’s Grandson is being directed by Masafumi Tamura (Ange Vierge), with character designs from Yuuki Sawairi (Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya), and premieres April 10th, this Spring.

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