Training For A Teddy Bear Heist In Smooth Criminals #4

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Mia Corsair’s mother is in prison, and she is being interrogated by the FBI about the apparent return of her daughter–who hasn’t aged a day. Meanwhile, Mia and Brenda begin planning their heist. Their prize will be heavily guarded with high-tech equipment, but Brenda is prepared for this. She sets up a practice course for Mia to run through. Finally, Mia’s adversary knows that she’s back, and he’s looking to take her off the board again…by any means necessary.

Smooth Criminals #4 cover by Audrey Mok
Smooth Criminals #4 cover by Audrey Mok

Smooth Criminals #4 continues to take us on the road towards Brenda and Mia’s big heist. Unfortunately for them, Mia’s return has made a lot of noise from both the law and less reputable individuals.
The dynamic between Brenda and Mia continues to be very entertaining. They’ve moved past the “fish out of water” phase for Mia mostly, and now the two young women are just coping with the other clashes their very different personalities cause.
Mia’s mother is a fun character too, and it’s enjoyable watching her wind up the FBI agents that are trying to interrogate her.
The man who froze Mia in the first place, whose name escapes me at the moment unfortunately, hasn’t turned into an interesting antagonist yet. He’s sort of your standard rich corporate rogue who might just happen to be immortal (as you do in comics). Hopefully, he’ll become something more engaging as the story goes on.
Smooth Criminals #4 art by Leisha Riddel, Brittany Peer, and letterer Ed Dukeshire
Smooth Criminals #4 art by Leisha Riddel, Brittany Peer, and letterer Ed Dukeshire

Leisha Riddel’s is another very strong aspect of the comic. It blends hint of anime/manga-inspired art with more western-influenced stylism. It looks great, and the characters are very expressive. Brittany Peer’s color work is bright and appealing too, and Riddel and Peer’s work coalesces into a great-looking book.
Smooth Criminals #4 is another fun installment of this 1999-set heist series. Mia and Brenda continue to learn more about one another while the forces around them collude to complicate their heist. It’s an entertaining book and one worthy of a recommendation. Feel free to pick it up.
Smooth Criminals #4 comes to us from writers Kurt Lustgarten and Kirsten ‘Kiwi’ Smith, artist Leisha Riddel, color artist Brittany Peer, letterer Ed Dukeshire, and cover artist Audrey Mok.

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