Marvel Unveils Giuseppe Camuncoli Connecting Realm War Of The Realms Cover

by James Ferguson

There are now more variant covers for War of the Realms than there are actual realms in the Marvel Universe.  From the signs of things, Marvel Comics is not slowing down. War of the Realms kicks off in a month and the publisher still has more covers up its sleeve. It has now revealed the first piece of a series of connecting covers from artist Giuseppe Camuncoli. The rest of the series will presumably fill in the other pieces.

War of the Realms, from Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, and Matthew Wilson has Earth’s heroes big and small joining forces to stop the invasion of Malekith and an army of monsters converging on Midgard. It begins in April and I’m betting we’ll get another dozen or so variant covers before then.
This experience of chronicling the never-ending list of variant covers makes me really question their meaning. Is someone going to be a big enough fan of this event to buy them all? Is there value in them?  I can see having one or two for special occasions like a convention or a special anniversary, but there are too many to count at this point. The interior of the comic is the same for all of these, right?

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