Can You Guess The Industry Icon Headed To Valiant?!

by Tony Thornley

Do you like a good mystery?

This week, Valiant Entertainment sent the following image to press outlets.

The only clues they gave is that the artist is an industry icon and they’re working on a yet-unrevealed but big ongoing Valiant series! The title, as you might guess, is currently classified, but it’s enough to make a guess as to the artist.

From the image, we have a few guesses. We might be close, but we could be way off. It has a distinct feel that evokes early Image comics, especially Top Cow or Wildstorm.

Could it be legendary artist and Image founder Whilce Portacio?

How about superstar penciller, Brett Booth, hot off his recent DC Comics work?

Maybe it’s former X-Men legend Terry Shoemaker?

How about legendary Team 7 and X-Men artist Aron Wiesenfeld in an unexpected return to comics as a long shot choice?

Whoever it is, it looks like a jaw-dropping good time. Stay tuned for more information as it is made available!

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