Goon But Not Forgotten: Preview The Goon #1 From Eric Powell & Albatross Funnybooks

by Olly MacNamee

The Goon is celebrating his twentieth this year (and, boy, does he look a lot older!) with a new book from creator Eric Powell, and a new home at Albatross Funnybooks, which we’d previously reported. Well, the time is nigh for the all-new comic to drop and we’ve been sent a preview of the debut issue which you can read below.
To promote and support this new book, Eric will be embracing on a nationwide tour, starting this Friday, the 8th of March so check out to see if he’s coming your way from the dates listed at the end of the preview. I’ll just have to wait until he gets an invite to the UK (fingers crossed). Still, from these pages it looks like the loveable Goon is back in town and ready, once again, to take out the trash. Looks like fun and with this first issue looking like an excellent catch up for new readers, its a great way to get onboard, as Powell humorously states:

I know there are still a select few who have not read the Goon in its 20 year existence. Those unfortunate souls are for the most part survivors of religious cults forbidding all forms of pure joy. But there is a light on the horizon, you victims of programmed mental abuse! The first issue of the new Albatross Funnybook’s The Goon is a perfect jumping on point for new readers and die hard fans alike! If anyone needs help reprogramming your joyless cult existence, I’ll be happy to personally put a copy of The Goon #1 in your hands along any of the 23 stops on my international Goon 20th Anniversary barnstorming tour

And, here’s the tour dates I promised you all:


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