Bane Rises When Gotham Returns

by Erik Amaya

Gotham is taking a short pause, but when it returns, the fire final rises as Eduardo Dorrance (Shane West) becomes Bane. And as this preview for the next episode indicates, his path through the city will lead to a lot of heartache and, possibly, a fateful decision for Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz).

Still, it’s a shame that mask looks dopey. Maybe some day, a live action bane will make the luchador mask work. Funny how the character continually posses a big design challenge, isn’t it?
Meanwhile, this week’s episode veered the closest to filler as we’ve seen all season. Sure, it was nice to see Jim (Ben McKenzie) and Lee (Morena Baccarin) finally get married, but the “trial” portion in Jim’s mind was … well, it’s something a lot of shows do in their last seasons. Even Ivy’s (Peyton List) plot lacked heft, but at least the actors involved their made it fun, particularly Anthony Carrigan’s turn as an “in love” Victor Zsasz.
Gotham returns March 21st on Fox.

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