The Chase Finally Reaches Its Explosive Conclusion In Cemetery Beach #7

by Brendan M. Allen

Mike and Grace are almost at Cemetery Beach, close to making their escape back to Earth. If they make it, President Barrow’s dream of a perfect world is over. So, Mike and Grace have to die on Cemetery Beach.

Having fought their way through all the concentric rings of hell constructed by President Barrow, the only thing in Cemetery Beach #7 standing between the kids and a clean getaway is…President Barrow. There’s way too much at stake for the big guy if Mike and Grace make it off-planet and report back to Oldworld what’s been going on for the last century or so in this carnival sideshow of a dystopian society. Out of options, the President will stop at absolutely nothing to kill them both. Don’t blink.
First, let me just say, creating a comic is more than just one person putting words to paper, and another drawing some cool pictures to accompany the words. This is never more apparent than when reading a series like Cemetery Beach, where the creative team is clearly in lockstep with one another from cover to cover. Love it or hate it, these folks clearly had a shared vision.
There is surprisingly little dialogue in this series finale. Warren Ellis doesn’t mince words when the collective futures of two planets potentially hang in balance, dependent on the outcome of a single wild chase and insane firefight. Motivations are clearly on display, and the thing wraps in neat, tidy fashion. I mean, as neat and tidy as a wild chase and insane firefight can, on Giant Toilet Planet.
Jason Howard’s art is key to the conclusion. With as few actual words are in this book, it falls on an amazing artist to tell the story through well planned and executed action scenes and character emotions displayed through expression and ambulation. If there were absolutely no dialogue in any of the chapters, you’d still have a fairly decent idea where this thing started, and where it’s headed.
I’ve said before that I really wish we had gotten more time to look around in each chapter. The good news is Cemetery Beach wraps in such a way that it could potentially continue, if the gang wanted to have another go. I sincerely hope that is the case. There was clearly a lot of planning and behind the scenes world building that went into the creation of each of the rings, and every character clearly has fleshed out back-stories, histories, and quirks.
This was a fun series to read, and I’d really like to see what happens next.
Cemetery Beach #7 (of 7), Image Comics, released 06 March 2019. Written by Warren Ellis, art by Jason Howard, letters by Fonografiks.

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