New Look At Upcoming Space Adventure Anime ‘RobiHachi’

by Sage Ashford

A new trailer has appeared for the Spring airing space/adventure show, RobiHachi. Animated by Studio Comet (School Rumble), RobiHachi follows the story of two young men–Robby Yagi and Hatchi Kita, who run into one another after a thief steals Robby’s bag. Hatchi returns the bag, and after Robby treats him to lunch, the two part ways. Unfortunately, Hatchi’s job involves working as a debt collector, and Robby’s his latest job. Sneaking onto Robby’s ship to collect the debt, he ends up in deep space with Robby while the former reporter is looking for Isekandar, a planet said to bring happiness to whomever finds it.
Shinji Takamatsu is directing, and considering his penchant for humor in shows like Gintama, and for sci-fi space series in shows like Gundam X, there couldn’t be a more perfect person for the job.
RobiHachi begins April 8th.

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