Disney/Fox Merger To Close Next Week

by Erik Amaya


That X-Men tease some fans want at the very end of Avengers: Endgame may happen after all.
Deadline reports Disney’s acquisition of the vast majority of 21st Century Fox’s media holdings will be complete as of 2:02 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on March 20, 2019. At that point, 20th Century Fox, the storied film studio which produced classics like SunriseLeave Her To HeavenThe Sound of Music and Star Wars will cease to exist as a studio in its own right and become a division of The Walt Disney Studios. Various other assets will be dispersed across The Walt Disney Company’s vast area of divisions and subsidiaries.
For those interested in superhero film and television, this means the X-Men and Fantastic Four properties will be returned to Marvel Entertainment and, presumably, become available to Marvel Studios; itself a division of Walt Disney Studios in an aspect of corporate structuring too bewildering to relay here. The March 20th closing date means it is theoretically possible for Avengers: Endgame to include a tease of the Merry Mutants in its mid-credit or post-credit stinger. Short scenes like these have been mounted after film premieres and all it really needs to be is a close-up of Wolverine’s fists to relay the message that the mutants are home.
But while the return of the X-Men to Marvel is a positive aspect of the merger, the disappearance of a major film studio is still cause for concern as Disney continues to consolidate more and more IP. While Fox will retain its cable news channel and broadcast network, the above mentioned classics, Fox’s other cable channels like FX, and properties like Alien will now be part of the giant brand. The repercussions of the merger have yet to be fully calculated; though expect more mega-mergers in the near future as the few remaining entertainment corporations shore up their IP and infrastructures to compete.
In the meantime, though, fans of The Fantastic Four can expect a genuinely good movie featuring the characters.

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