What We Want To See In The Spider-Verse Sequel

by Tito W. James

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is a critical and commercial success and a sequel appears inevitable. A part of me wants Spider-Verse to remain a stand-alone film because I wouldn’t want its reputation to be tarnished by a sequel that is anything less than fantastic. Even so, if we’re going to have Spider-Verse 2, here are the characters I want to see.

Spider-Man 2099

Miguel O’Hara operates as Spider-Man in the year 2099 and he makes a cameo appearance at the end of Spider-Verse. This version of the character has a device on his wrist that allows him to travel through time and across dimensions. The dimension-hopping ability opens up a multitude of creative possibilities–and who doesn’t want to see a cyberpunk Spider-Man?

Miles Morales

Spider-Verse served as an origin story for Miles; in the second film it would be great to see him being a fully-fledged Spider-Man. Miles could show off a greater control of his powers while also trying to balance his “complicated” relationship with his father.


Gwen Stacy was another breakout character whose backstory and world is ripe for exploration. It’s teased in the final moments of Spider-Verse that Gwen continues to maintain contact with Miles. The way those two characters play off each other is a joy to watch and it would be fun to see the duo go on missions together away from prying adult eyes.

Agent Venom

Sony already owns Venom and it seems unlikely that we’ll see Agent Venom in live action any time soon. Frankly, he’s too cool of a character not to use. After seeing how Spider-Verse made the Prowler into a threatening villain, we could conceivably see a scary gun-toting Venom. The symbiote is always rendered in CG anyway, so Agent Venom is a perfect character for animation.

The Superior Spider-Man

The Superior Spider-Man is Doc Ock’s brain in Peter Parker’s body. Spider-Verse is the type of film that could summarize his backstory quickly and get to the action. Spidey-Ock would be perfect as a lead villain because he could look like an ally. Imagine being summoned to another dimension to help out Spider-Man, only to discover that he’s evil.


Sony did a good job at adapting Deadpool, so why not Gwenpool? She would act as a foil for Spider-Gwen. Gwenpool’s fourth wall breaks would work within Spider-Verse which already utilizes narration. She would probably turn good by the end of the film.

With these characters, we would have a heroic trio of Miles, Gwen, and Miguel fighting an evil trio of Ock, Venom, and Gwenpool. Let us know who you want to see in Spider-Verse 2.

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