This Is Us Tackles Another Tough Topic In A Beautiful Way

by Christine Marie Attardo

NBC’This Is Us, is known for tackling tough topics. This week brought a tense episode as the Pearson family sat in a waiting room while the fate of Kate’s pregnancy was decided.

We all knew Kate was going to have a difficult pregnancy, but what that really meant remained to be seen until last weeks episode when her water broke at 28 weeks. This weeks episode began with the doctor coming out into a Pearson filled waiting room saying that all they could do is keep on waiting. About halfway through the episode, we find out that Kate has gone into emergency surgery.
While the episode deals with some interesting family dynamics, Rebecca says it best when she expresses that it all really doesn’t matter. “All that matters is Kate and her baby boy.” Well said, Rebecca.

When Toby comes out into the waiting room, he tells the family that the boy has been born, but is in an incubator and isn’t breathing on his own. Well, that was enough to make us all tear up…but we actually get to see this sad reality.
The episode ends with Toby wheeling Kate into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to see their newborn. The tiny baby is hooked up to all kinds of tubes and is attached to a ventilator to breathe. It is 100% heartbreaking. However, the thing I love about This Is Us, is they tackle difficult topics in a beautiful way. Yes, what we are seeing is horrible, but it is something that people face every single day. Kate ends up naming her newborn son, Jack and has a heartwarming monologue/prayer to her deceased father asking him to keep the boy alive.
All in all, you might need some extra tissues this week, but This Is Us continues to be one of the best shows on TV right now.

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